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Safeguarding Adult Review

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

The Review and Learning (RLG) sub group to the Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) is responsible for ensuring that if things go wrong, organisations across the city can look at what lessons can be learnt to improve the practice of individuals or organisations.

The RLG has developed guidance for carrying out a general lesson learnt review and Safeguarding Adults Review in accordance with S44 of the Care Act 2014 (the legislation which covers adults’ safeguarding) If the SAB has commissioned a Serious Adult Review (SAR) it must provide information about these reviews and ensure it tells people what action it has taken in response to the findings of the review.

If the Board is required to undertake a Serious Adult Review the report and the lessons learnt will be published .

Information for families and carers

When an adult who needs care and support either dies or suffers serious harm, and when abuse or neglect is thought to have been a factor, City of York Safeguarding Adults Board (CoYSAB) may need to review what has happened. This is called a Safeguarding Adults Review or SAR for short.

Sometimes CoYSAB will also arrange for a SAR to take place in other situations where they feel there might be learning for services.

These reviews are to see whether any lessons can be learned about the way organisations worked together to support and protect the person who suffered harm. The people carrying out the review understand this is likely to be a very difficult time for families, friends and carers, but they want to learn as much as possible about how to do things better in the future.

The CoYSAB wants families and carers to be involved in the process as much as possible. They believe families, carers and where appropriate, the person who suffered harm should have the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have and to share their thoughts and opinions.

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