Working together to safeguard adults with care and support needs

Staying safe

Everyone has the right to feel safe all the time but sometimes things happen that can make people feel unsafe. To help stay safe it is important to know what you would do if someone was -

Yelling at you?

Hurting you or about to hurt you?

Making you feel uncomfortable about the way they were touching you or asking you to touch them?

Asking you to do something that makes you feel unsafe?

Not providing the support that you expect from them?

Asked you not to tell anyone when they have done something that's makes you feel unsafe?

Sending you messages via social media, mobile phone or other method which made you feel unsafe?

Used your money or property in a way that you didn't like?

If someone makes you feel unsafe in any way it is important that you tell someone you trust who can help get the advice and support that you might need.