Working together to safeguard adults with care and support needs

How to raise a safeguarding concern

How to raise a safeguarding concern

If you think you or someone you know is being abused, or neglected you should tell someone you trust.

This could be a friend, a teacher, your family, a social worker, a doctor, a police officer or someone else that you trust. Ask them to help you stop it, report it or make a complaint and remember that you understand abuse or neglect is never your fault.

Supporting people when concerns are raised about abuse or neglect can be very difficult and distressing for everyone involved. Deciding what's the right thing to do can be stressful, particularly if the person you are concerned about is reluctant to accept support. If you are not sure what to do you can always seek advice.

To report a crime:

  • in an emergency, contact the police, tel: 999
  • if the person is not in immediate danger, contact the police, tel: 101

To report a safeguarding concern:

  • contact adult social care, tel: 01904 555111 (office hours) or fax 01904 554055
  • hearing impaired customers can use the text facility 07534 437804
  • out of hours, tel:  01609 780780
  • or find out how to report child abuse

If you're not sure what to do our adult social care team can give you advice.

If you’re a paid worker or volunteer, you’ll need to use the online Safeguarding Adults Concern form to tell us about your concerns.

Alternately, download the Safeguarding Adults concern form. Complete and save the form before attaching it to an email to: – Please double check you’re attaching your completed PDF, not a blank or un-saved version.