Working together to safeguard adults with care and support needs

Who might need support to stay safe

Who might need support to stay safe? Promoting people’s wellbeing is at the heart of the Care Act 2014, and the prevention of abuse and neglect is an essential part of promoting someone’s wellbeing.

Safeguarding duties apply to all adults with care and support regardless of whether the person has care and support needs that are being met the council, another agency or whether the person is privately funding their own support.

An adult with care and support needs may be:


An older person

A person with a physical disability, a learning difficulty or a sensory impairment

Someone with mental health needs, including dementia or a personality disorder

A person with a long-term health condition

Someone who misuses substances or alcohol to the extent that it affects their ability to manage day-to-day living.


City of York Council and other local commissioners have a duty to make sure that the care and support services they commission are provided safely and to a high standard, while also recognising and tackling the abuse and neglect that happens in community and domestic settings.

Working with their partner organisations, including housing organisations, the National Health Service (NHS) and the Police, City of York Safeguarding Adults Board will make sure that adults who may be at risk of abuse or neglect are enabled to live as safely and independently as possible, making their own decisions and taking control of their own lives.

City of York Council also has safeguarding responsibilities for carers which, in the majority of situations, will be met through an assessment of their cares needs